Mårten Stenius

Some affiliations, past and current:
  • Developer team coordinator at Atlas Copco Industrial Technique.
  • Senior consultant, team leader and cloud technology specialist at Avalon Innovation.
  • Senior software developer at Enghouse Interactive.
  • Leading development of telephony systems at Visionutveckling (previously Icepeak), of which I was also one of the owners.
  • Co-founder of Voxi, software for speech recognition and natural language understanding.
  • Co-founder of Alkit Communications, software and consulting, distributed virtual environments and high-performance video conferencing.
  • Researcher at SICS, in multi-user virtual environments and distributed systems at the ICE lab. I still have a keen interest in virtual environments and believe that this technology, still in its infancy, will see a comeback when you least expect it :-)

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